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– 2017 –

Harris RB, Alström P, Odeen A, Leaché AD. Discordance between genomic divergence and phenotypic variation in a rapidly evolving avian genus (Motacilla). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Accepted.

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– 2016 –

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– 2015 –

Harris RB, Banbury BL, Leaché AD. 2015. Comparative genomic resources for spiny lizards (genus Sceloporus). Molecular Ecology Resources, 15:228-229.

– 2014 –

Harris RB, Birks SM, Leaché AD. 2014. Incubator birds: biogeographical origins and evolution of underground nesting in megapodes (Galliformes: Megapodiidae). Journal of Biogeography, 41:2045-2056.

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– 2013 –

Harris RB, Carling MD, Lovette IJ. 2013. Phylogenetic inference of chickadees: gene trees versus species trees and the influence of sampling design. Evolution, 68:501-513.

Leaché AD, Harris RB, Maliska, M, Linkem C. 2013. Comparative species divergences across eight triplets of spiny lizards (Sceloporus) using genomic sequence data. Genome Biology and Evolution, 5(12):2410-2419. doi:10.1093/gbe/evt186

Leaché AD, Harris RB, Rannala B, Yang Z. 2013. The influence of gene flow on species tree estimation: a simulation study. Systematic Biology, 63(1):17-30. doi:10.1093/sysbio/syt049

– 2012 –

– 2011 –

Lovette IJ, Arbogast BS, Curry RL, Zink RM, Botero CA, Sullivan JP, Talaba AL, Harris RB, Rubenstein DR, Ricklefs RE, Bermingham E. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships of the mockingbirds and thrashers. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 63:219-229.



Here are links to my two funded NSF grants:

  • Download NSF-GRFP: In 2011, I was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. I ended up pursuing a different research topic for my dissertation.
  • Download NSF-DDIG: In 2015, I was awarded the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. This research is ongoing.

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